NBC always brings the most up to date fashions to Vietnamese and International customers as a premium fashion maker using the latest technological equipment in conjunction with a very experienced management and technical team.




To exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction when using all NBC’s services.

Core values

NBC always acts with the following beliefs:

Customer oriented approach:

When making policy and strategies, NBC always focuses on our customer's interests and requirements.

Social Responsibility:

As a role model of a leading affirm in Vietnam, NBC not only focuses on our business objectives but also actively asserts its leadership in improving the social living standard and development for our workers and the community.

Innovation and Quality:

The core factor of innovation is to produce the most suitable designs, materials, equipment improvement and manufacturing systems using the latest technology available. NBC always sets the standard which is to meet and exceed our customers requirements.

Responsibility to the employee:

Creating a healthy, safe and fullling environment in which our employees can achieve their personal potential.

Flexibility and Eciency:

NBC’s manufacturing and management systems are created to be ecient and operate with the utmost fexibility to satisfy the market demand for fashion apparel and the standards required.