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Instruction on care label


You may easily find care labels attached to garment and clothing products. The purpose of manufacturers is to provide customers with basic information about how to keep the items durable and beautiful during usage. Labels vary between different styles, fabrics and materials...

There are always care labels on NBC's products. Please take notice of them and follow the instructions. If you do not understand or need assistance, please contact our store locations.


Machine wash cycle

  • Regular/Normal cycle with regular agitation and spin speed may be used

  • Use Permanent Press/Wrinkle Resistant washer setting (which has a cool down or cold spray before the reduced spin)

  • Use Gentle/Delicate washer setting (slow agitation and/or reduced wash time)

  • Hand wash only

  • Do not wash

  • Do not wring by hand or use rollers on wringer washer. Hang dry, drip dry or dry flat.

Water temperature

  • Maximum water temperature 200°F/95°C

  • Maximum water temperature 160°F/70°C

  • Maximum water temperature 140°F/60°C

  • Maximum water temperature 120°F/50°C

  • Maximum water temperature 105°F/40°C

  • Maximum water temperature 85°F/30°C

Tumble Dry Cycle

  • Machine dry

  • Use Normal Cycle setting

  • Use Permanent Press/Wrinkle Resistant Cycle setting

  • Use Gentle/Delicate Cycle setting

  • Do not tumble dry

Heat setting

  • Set dryer at any heat

  • Set dryer at High heat

  • Set dryer at Medium heat

  • Set dryer at Low heat

  • No heat/air

  • Do not dry (used with do not wash)

Special instructions

  • Line dry/hang to dry - hang damp from line or bar and allow to dry

  • Drip dry - hang wet on plastic hanger and allow to dry with hand shaping only

  • Dry flat - lay garment on flat surface

  • Dry in the shade

Bleach symbols

  • Use any bleach (when needed)

  • Use only non-chlorine bleach (when needed)

  • Do not bleach


  • Iron

  • Iron at high temperature setting

  • Iron at medium temperature setting

  • Iron at low temperature setting

  • Do not iron

  • No steam. Iron without using steam

Dry clean - Normal cycle

  • Dry clean

  • Dry clean using any solvent

  • Dry clean using any solvent except trichloroethylene

  • Dry clean using petroleum solvent only

  • Do not dry clean