FOB Division

The FOB Division is a part of the NBC-JSC Corporation. Our core products are tailored clothing. Men’s and Ladies Suits and Separates, Wool Outerwear, Blazers, Skirts, and Dresses. We offer our customers the ability to buy full FOB packages directly from our factories whether we are sourcing the fabrics and trims on their behalf or buying from their nominated suppliers. We currently have very strong business relationships with many Retailers and Importers located in USA, U.K, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Russia and Australia.

In order to support our business we maintain on premises 1400 m2 of offices and workspace in our main complex. Led by an American Managing Director with 40 years of experience in garment manufacturing, retail and design we currently employ 45 English speaking Vietnamese merchandisers all with many years of experience. Our sample room is equipped with all necessary required machinery to produce high quality tailored garments Staffed with more than 50 sewers, our sample room enables our FOB Division to supply our customers with all the sampling they require quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have 60 technical staff specifically working on creating patterns, markers, and yardage yields and a staff of 15 Technicians and QA support communicating with our customers and our factories. All of this filters down to our specialized state of the art, solely owned network of over 30 manufacturing facilities located throughout the southern half of Vietnam. Many are located in Ho Chi Minh City. Others require a 1-3 hour drive or 1 hour flight.

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