Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website


Nha Be Garment Corporation – Joint Stock Company (NBC) is the owner and responsible for the contents of this website.

You have to read the following Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as Terms of Use) carefully before using NBC’s website. Your access to and/or usage of this website is confirmation that you have totally understood and accepted with these Terms of Use in full. If you have not, please DO NOT access to the website.


I. The right to privacy and personal information protection

NBC commits to respecting the right to privacy and personal information protection of the website visitors. Please read our Privacy Policy on the NBC website to understand the processing method, commitments and responsibilities of NBC for your personal information.


II. The right of NBC to alter the Terms of Use

NBC reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use at any time. You should visit this page regularly to keep track of changes (if any) of the Terms of Use. Your continuance to access the website is confirmation that you have totally agreed with the changes of the Terms of Use.


III. Links to other websites

NBC's website may contain images from or links to websites of third parties. Such websites operate outside of the domain www.nhabe.com.vn. NBC creates the links to those websites only to help you access to them and find information more conveniently. NBC does not control or be responsible for the contents of such websites, and they may have their own terms of use and privacy policies differ from ours. NBC does not monitor, inspect, evaluate or support those websites and/or their contents. NBC is not liable for any loss due to any use or inability to use of such third-party websites.

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IV. Waiver of guarantee

This website and its contents are provided “as is”. At the highest level permitted by the relevant laws, NBC does not guarantee any matter or content on this website, whether implicitly or explicitly, including but not limited to the following matters: the applicability, the suitability for a particular purpose and the compliance with copyright laws.

NBC does not guarantee the following matters: each and every function on this website will constantly work and be fault free; problems and/or crashes will be fixed; this website and its hosting servers do not contain any harmful software or component.


V. Limits of responsibility

In any case, NBC and other stakeholders, including our member units, employees, managers, shareholders and suppliers, are not liable for any loss that happens to you, whether it is an indirect loss, an accident consequence or a special loss, due to any use or inability to use this website, even if NBC was prior warned about the potential of such situations. This declaration is applied to any loss by any reason.


VI. The right to disclose information

NBC always reserves the right to monitor your usage of this website and to disclose any information that NBC believes is necessary to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, or as requested by a legal process or an authority, or to protect the interests of NBC or the safety of a third party.

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VII. Do not use the website for purposes that is unlawful or prohibited

You may not use this website for purposes contrary to law or not permitted by conditions of use; this website may not be used by any methods that can cause losses, disable, hinder or disadvantage NBC or hinder any parties using this website.

You may not attempt unauthorized access to accounts, NBC's network and computer systems by password cracking, password detection or other ways; You may not interfere with or use any methods to modify this website’s interface and operation.

You may not obtain or attempt to obtain documents and information from this website by any ways not allowed by this website.


VIII. Trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights

“NBC”, “NHABECO”, “Novelty NHABECO”, “Cavaldi”, "Style of Living" together with logos and other marks appearing on this website, are trade names owned by NBC. You may not reproduce, recycle, re-publish, distribute, post, transmit, receive or use the trade names in any ways. Names of other companies and products mentioned on this website may also be trade names owned by other entities.

The entire contents of this website (including but not limited to the following factors: designs, images, text, audio and video files, data, graphics, links, program codes, other documentation and contents) are protected by copyright under the laws of Vietnam and other relevant laws, and are properties of NBC.

The contents of this website are provided only for your information needs. You may not reproduce, recycle, re-publish, post, transmit or distribute this website without NBC’s written agreement. You may not use any contents of this website in any way on other websites, online services or computer networks.


IX. Applicable law

Any disputes over rights and obligations of parties in relation to this Conditions of Use or use of this website will be judged under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and in courts in Ho Chi Minh City.

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