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Safety and discipline come first to ensure production in the new normal

Nha Be Garment Corporation - NBC is a unit located in the blockade area for the past 2 months. But under the drastic and dedicated direction from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with the sense of responsibility of the Board of Directors plus the determination, sharing and understanding...

Date posted: 17/09/2021

NBC encountered many difficulties when implementing Model 3 on-site and other business activities.

After many times of extending the implementation of social distancing in the face of the epidemic situation, the epidemic situation is still increasingly complicated and tends to increase, more difficult to predict.

Date posted: 06/09/2021

“Breakthrough to adapt and be flexible in new situations”

To meet and adapt to the current situation, Nha Be Garment Corporation - NBC under the chairmanship of Mr. Pham Phu Cuong - Chairman of the Board of Directors has established a Creative Council.

Date posted: 31/08/2021

The body's immune system and increasing resistance are the best shield against Covid for us today.

Fear, anxiety, misconceptions about the epidemic... are psychological problems that seriously affect the success or failure of treatment of people who are unfortunate enough to have COVID-19.

Date posted: 27/08/2021

NBC put the “Safety – Natural” production model into operation

The "3 on-site" production model is no longer effective when the epidemic situation is increasingly complicated and unpredictable.

Date posted: 26/08/2021