Acting practically, sticking to the lives of workers

Date posted: 18/05/2019

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. In the spirit of focusing more on caring and ensuring the better life of workers, NBC organized dialogues, listened to the thoughts, aspirations, promptly removed the difficulties of workers and supervise the implementation of legal policies to ensure the benefits of union members and workers are regularly performed.

Health examination and cancer screening are carried out periodically

On May 14 last, understand the importance of timely detection and treatment of ovarian cancer for women. NBC cooperated with the charity "Health No. 1" and Hong Duc General Hospital to conduct screening for ovarian cancer for more than 450 women of the age of 40. Through screening, sisters Workers will know well about their health status in order to have timely prevention methods, better treatment and health care.

Union shelters are practical programs for workers

Also during this time, NBC Trade Union actively came closer to workers to listen to their heart and aspirations, thereby understanding and sharing difficulties in the lives of workers. Every month, NBC organizes to give gifts to difficult workers and workers. Four houses of love "Trade Union" and tens of millions of VND have been handed to extremely difficult circumstances to repair and refurbish their living places, thereby stabilizing their lives and rising out of poverty.

Share with difficult circumstances in life

In addition, in order to "Ensure better rights and benefits" NBC conducts periodical health check-ups, health counseling and free medicine distribution for union members and workers. be taken care of when maintaining mid-hour physical activity, sports movements such as football, badminton, yoga or mass culture are organized in a methodical and quality way.

Focus on building a healthy culture through the sport movement

Determining employees is the core factor to create success, improve efficiency in production and business, NBC has focused on improving the working environment, improving the material and spiritual life through the The work is very meaningful, practical, close and consistent with the wishes of the workers. Thereby, creating a firm belief for employees to feel assured of production and labor, contribute their strength and intellect to build NBC more and more developed.

Invest in building a clean, beautiful and safe working environment



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