Celebrating the NBC Family Festival

Date posted: 08/01/2019

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On January 7, in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Be Garment Corporation held the NBC Family Festival in 2018 with the theme "Binh An and Hanh Phuc" and the launching ceremony of the emulation movement in 2019 with information "Creative - Development" message. Attending the Family Festival full of members of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors; the participation of customers, close partners, media units ... with the participation of more than 4,000 people representing nearly 30,000 employees across the country.

The culture of NBC family has become more and more profound

NBC family festival took place in a joyful and vibrant atmosphere with many interesting activities, many collectively high games, enabling all employees to join in such as: NBC understands each other, NBC overcomes difficulties. Coming to the festival, you can also enjoy colorful music performances, various types of songs from singing, dancing, art performances, lively music from guest artists. Not only that, in the program, the Board of Directors of the Corporation awarded more than 2 billion VND to units and individuals to successfully complete the tasks in 2018 as well as to donate dozens of scholarships for officials. employees and children of officials and employees have high achievements in learning.

Colorful music performed by brothers and sisters

This is a program that will enrich Nha Be's cultural identity as a bridge to lead, employees can communicate, share and learn experiences in organizing good life; creating cohesion among families under the common roof of the Corporation. At the same time, each collective and individual continues to nurture the aspirations of dedication, solidarity, and unity to maintain and promote the culture, bravery, wisdom and pride of the employees, together overcome Through all difficulties to bring the NBC ship to constantly reach out, further develop.

Board of Directors motivates through "Giving a cultivating dream scholarship"

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan - General Director of NBC shared: Looking back on the journey of nearly 45 years of recent development, NBC can be proud of the great achievements in production and business activities and develop strongly. cease. NBC is not only admired for these impressive numbers but also by its responsibility to employees, sharing with the community and society. Nha Be Garment always focuses on caring for workers and towards social security for the common development of the community through many activities such as building gratitude houses, supporting policy families, Serve throughout the life of the heroic Vietnamese Mother, who has contributed to the revolution, gave gifts to soldiers in the border, islands, people affected by natural disasters, poor households, children with special circumstances special, Agent Orange victims ...

Award emulation flags for units that successfully complete emulation movements in 2018

At NBC's biggest and biggest event of the year, the organizers also made a lucky draw program with hundreds of prizes with a total prize of nearly VND 1 billion, including 13 special prizes each worth VND 20 million. This is considered as a lucky gift from the Board of Directors as well as sponsors to send to workers and employees to share difficulties, contributing to a more complete and happy new year. looks, happier.

Workers are happy to become lucky owners of special prizes

Family festival has really become the festival of workers of the NBC family in all parts of the country. The NBC family festival ended in an atmosphere full of love and cohesion, contributing to fostering the increasingly strong values ​​of Nha Be Garment Culture and affection with the desire to welcome the real year of 2019. Peace and happiness.

The show is more attractive with the participation of MC Quyen Linh and MTV group.



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