NBC praised many collective individuals in the labor emulation movement

Date posted: 05/01/2019

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The emulation movement of labor production in 2018 with the message "Linking to development" is the driving force for the strong development of the spirit of positive labor and hard work to all employees Members throughout the Corporation system. Performing seriously and drastically the emulation movement, the collective of units and individuals made great efforts to emulate and strive continuously to maximize the unity power of the collective achieved many positive results.

Launching the emulation movement right from the early days of 2018

In the past year, the assurance and continuous inspection of the management system, quality, 5S, lean, occupational safety and health, food safety, good observance of environmental protection law, fire protection law, civil law Self-defense forces are strictly carried out strictly according to the technical rules of the Corporation. Hundreds of innovations, technical innovations are applied, productivity in production, increasing productivity, product quality, competitive products, satisfying customers, bringing high efficiency for operation. business. From these good results, NBC promptly praised and rewarded over VND 2 billion for excellent collectives and individuals to complete the assigned plan.

Enthusiastic atmosphere of labor production at the end of the year

After one year of organizing the program of Launching emulation movement, achieved impressive achievements. It is thanks to the consensus, consensus between the Board of Directors and all workers and employees, is the perseverance, striving, the enthusiasm in labor, the exploration, creativity is happening continuously ... contribute Part of the growing and more sustainable development of the Corporation.

Zone I is the leading unit that has successfully completed the plan to be commended and rewarded by the Board of Directors

Zone III units are evaluated by the Board of Directors with many breakthroughs in production work last year.

The management board promptly praised and rewarded the individual unit of Zone II



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