Opening the middle management training course

Date posted: 26/04/2019

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Determine the key role of middle managers in production and business activities as well as  update objectives and equip modern management tools and skills in the new context, especially in the field garment. Nha Be Garment Joint Stock Corporation - NBC opened the middle management training course for more than 30 students, these are candidates in the planning and strategy of developing quality human resources. Practitioners will be powerful hands to promptly add, meet the development process, expand the scale of the Corporation in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan - NBC CEO delivered the opening speech

Middle-level management capacity training program   is designed to improve management skills, help students understand their roles and positions in the units, know how to plan and control public work, manage, motivate and tutor employees effectively, solve problems in the management process. Practitioners will truly become the "bridge"  to convey senior management policies to employees and directly lead the group to fulfill  the planned objectives.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Minh - Secretary of the Youth Union is a typical student who is implementing the task of a large unit

The course syllabus is the senior leaders with many years of experience in the management of the Corporation will directly design and teach. The practical experience at factories and enterprises will be really necessary for students to practice and apply the actual collision to improve their skills, improve their professional skills and solve difficulties. More advantageous is that the exercises directly at the units will be an opportunity to exchange, share, team work under the guidance and support of people with expertise and experience.

Classroom will be an opportunity for students to develop themselves to contribute to the overall development of the Corporation

According to Mr. Dinh Van Thap - Deputy General Director of NBC is also the person directly sharing the class: Middle management is an important link between the strategic vision of the Board of Directors and those who directly implement. It will be the person who communicates, plans, manages and transforms superiors' ideas into reality. Therefore, no one other than the students themselves is the future of the Corporation, so they have to work hard to learn about their professional skills, improve their skills to develop themselves, and contribute their strength and intelligence to build NBC more and more strong and sustainable.



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