Promote activities to care for employees

Date posted: 30/08/2020

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In the context of the economy strongly influenced by Covid -19, especially the textile and garment industry, NBC has always promoted meaningful and practical activities aimed at workers. On August 28, the Trade Union of Nha Be Garment Joint Stock Company - NBC organized a program to summarize activities aimed at employees in August.

At the program, NBC Trade Union gave many gifts to difficult circumstances. This is a valuable encouragement to help employees overcome difficult times and stabilize their lives. On this occasion, attending the Vietnam Textile and Garment Trade Union also gave gifts to partially support the cost of housing degradation, temporary housing to repair their accommodation. and more secure.

Pay more attention to the lives of workers 'children, NBC Trade Union also awarded nearly 10 Nguyen Duc Canh scholarships to employees' children with excellent academic achievements for the 2019-2020 school year. A meaningful gift that helps children to make more efforts in learning becomes family pride, and a good example for others to follow.

Being a good student for many years, Dang Le Yen Nhi touched and shared: Today is a wonderful day, when we are interested by the leaders of the Corporation, creating conditions to organize such a meaningful program. this. This is a solid support to nurture our dream of flying high and flying away and gradually becoming a reality. We promise to try harder and do more to deserve the expectations of our parents and Nha Be Garment Corporation.

Regarding production activities, the Board of Directors also promptly praised and rewarded collectives and individuals with many initiatives and improvements in production, contributing to improving productivity and product quality to help the Corporation. overcome difficulties. Through the program, the company's leaders awarded retirement decisions as well as deeply thanked the uncles and aunts for their work accompanying the development of NBC.

In recent years, in addition to ensuring the health safety for employees through epidemic prevention measures, the Board of Directors and the Trade Union organization of the Corporation has always been interested in building plans to promptly help, take care of the material and spiritual life so that the employees can work with peace of mind, overcome difficulties to stabilize their life.



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