Providing housing repair assistance for 'Unclean Union' for hard workers

Date posted: 07/07/2018

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Practical activities during the Workers' Day, in the morning of 06/7/2018, the NBC Trade Union organized a ceremony to hand over the cost of repairing the house "Union Shelter" for the family of Mrs. Vo Thi Hong Mai - union member Unit 3 and Mr. Pham Truong Chinh are union members of the Office of difficult housing


Nguyen Thi Thanh - Chairman of NBC Trade Union to encourage hard working people

Two houses were repaired to repair items such as frames, walls and roof replacement with a building area of ​​nearly 70m2 with nearly 50 million, of which the NBC union supports 20 million. This is a source of encouragement and sharing of the union's union in a timely manner to support the poor members in difficult circumstances to help them stabilize in life, peace of mind work, labor and production. .

The NBC union provides housing repair support to workers

At the ceremony, Mrs. Vo Thi Hong Mai was happy to share: With the words of encouragement, concern and help from the Trade Union and the leaders have helped us partly reduce the burden on accommodation. It is a gift that contains great sentiment, sincerity is a source of comfort for us in life. And Mr. Pham Truong Chinh is touched, feeling fortunate and happy with his sentimental, meaningful warmth from the union for his personal and other difficult circumstances.





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