Safety and discipline come first to ensure production in the new normal

Date posted: 17/09/2021

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Nha Be Garment Corporation - NBC is a unit located in the blockade area for the past 2 months. But under the drastic and dedicated direction from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with the sense of responsibility of the Board of Directors plus the determination, sharing and understanding of the Corporation's staff, NBC has achieve certain effectiveness in production and epidemic prevention.

Employees guarantee 5K in the 2nd round of vaccination

Up to now, Nha Be Garment Corporation has organized the 2nd dose vaccination for more than 90% of employees. The injection of 2 doses of Vaccine has helped the workers' psychology to remove anxiety and instead feel more confident and energetic. This will be the premise for NBC to organize for employees to return to work in the new normal state according to NBC's innovative 5K-DF (Safety - Natural) production model, avoiding disruption. supply chain in the face of complicated developments of the epidemic situation. Improve the production spirit to achieve the target from now until the end of the year.

Employees return to work with enthusiasm and determination

Ensuring the 5K - D - F process is safe for epidemic prevention

Maintain stable production of the whole system

The Board of Directors is always proactive in decisions, directions and plans to prevent epidemics, showing care and responsibility in caring for employees' health. The breakthrough in the model of both production and anti-epidemic recently was the organization of medical treatment for employees such as: Well-organized care and treatment area with on-site treatment doctors, combined with medical stations. local mobile economy with special drug packages for Covid A, B, C.

Up to now, all F0 cases have been cured with timely treatment, guaranteed health and quick recovery.

In the coming time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors requested from the Corporation's Office to all employees of the entire NBC system to implement the "Safety + Acceleration" production model. With the motto "Discipline and responsibility are the guideline in the operation process.

Mr. Pham Phu Cuong - Chairman of the Board of Directors (first from the left) supervises the organization of vaccination for employees

Therefore, each member of the Board of Directors has done well, it must be better, it is necessary to set an example and promote the spirit of working in the most thorough and responsible way. For employees, the evaluation will be based on the criteria of pioneering, responsibility, and work efficiency by quantification. In the new situation, only determination, self-sacrifice and sincerity can exist in the direction of peace and sustainable development.



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