Take care of labor health

Date posted: 07/07/2020

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Taking care of employees is the most important resource. Therefore, for Nha Be Garment Corporation - NBC always pays attention to taking care of the spiritual and material life for employees. In which, periodic health examination is not simply an expression of corporate social responsibility but also a practical and meaningful work to care for human values, the most valuable asset in the past. construction and development process of the Corporation.

Recently, the NBC Health Department has collaborated with District 6 Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to organize periodic health checks for all workers in the first phase in 2020. Siblings besides medical examination by specialist Such as eyes, ears - nose - throat, teeth - jaw - face, dermatology. In this round of examination, the workers are given clinical and ultrasound examination, female workers get gynecological examination, breast ultrasound, breast cancer screening, ...

Ms. Nguyen Thi Trieu - Labor Unit II Unit said: “Being aware of the importance of reproductive health care and cancer screening, for many years, I have not gone to health check-ups. The reason is partly because of busy work, family, and the package price is quite high. Not to mention, female workers have psychological fears, so only when there are signs of disease to visit. Now that the Company facilitates in-depth examination of reproductive health, I feel more assured about health and peace of mind in production labor.

Doctor Dinh Thu Binh - Head of Division Health Department said that “Occupational safety and occupational diseases can be prevented if we do well the prevention and control of risk and risk factors. . Therefore, regular health checks for employees will not only protect the health of workers but also help stabilize the production force as well as extend the time of sticking and keeping employees with the Company. ”.



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