TK Karl Lagerfeld family cooperates with actor and model Amber Valletta to launch a line of fashion accessories for the ecosystem

Date posted: 30/12/2020


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Fashion house Karl Lagerfeld has just announced a plan to collaborate with model, actress Amber Valletta to launch an eco-friendly accessory collection.

Model, actress Amber Valletta (author Anne Marieke Van Drimmelenn, copyright of the fashion house Karl Lagerfeld - Annemarieke van Drimmelen)

The collaboration campaign between the two sides, called Karl Lagerfeld x Amber Valletta will focus on green designs such as special edition K / Kushion bags made of innovative, socially sustainable materials such as cases. cactus - has very little impact on the ecosystem.

Fans of the brand and model Amber can purchase collections starting March 2021 at Karl Lagerfeld stores worldwide as well as on and Zalando.

“More than five years ago, Amber and I started to discuss the possibility of developing a sustainable project together. We weren't ready then, but we kept this idea up. Now, I'm delighted to invite Amber to join as a sustainable collaborator, to collaborate on such a project and be able to take advantage of her insights and shared passion. about environmental sustainability. Amber and Karl have been working together for many years, and she is a true member of the Karl Lagerfeld family, ”said Karl Lagerfeld CEO Pier Paolo Righi in a press release.

“Karl and I have been working together for a long time and I am delighted to be partnering with the brand as well as the stylist on a project that is meaningful to both of us. When I received my first proposals for a co-branding and saw our names together, I was very moved, ”said Valletta.

The K / Kushion bag is inspired by a specially designed cushion that Karl Lagerfeld brings with him on his world trips. A cushion he has kept since childhood, over time it has faded and torn. Imitating this silhouette, the K / Kushion pouches have a large, soft form to the touch.

The new bag will be crafted from a leather material made of cactus bark, designed by Desserto in Mexico (a plant-based organic carbon shell with great water savings due to the lack of watering. ). The plant is also cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The bags are colored with organic pigments; green tones have layers of ruffled colors, while black tones are uniform, glossy. The second type of bag K / Kushion is made of 90% recycled cotton; a fabric certified by the Global Recycle Standard.

Valletta has also chosen a variety of small accessories for her including a reusable water bottle, zip lock wallet, card purse, mask and cosmetic bag. Profits from the sale of Karl Lagerfeld x Amber Valletta K / Kushion products will be donated to a charity that supports the goals of the Fashion Pact Treaty signed last year as part of an effort force to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The treaty has been signed by more than 60 global fashion brands.

In addition to her role as a legendary catwalk model, Valletta also appeared on the cover of American Vogue 13 times in the 1990s. After moving to Los Angeles, she developed a successful film career with large movies like Hitch, What Lies Beneath and the hit TV show Revenge. Valletta founded online fashion brand Master & Muse, a lifestyle platform for cutting edge, responsible fashion and acted as an advisor to One x One, The Conscious Design Initiative cooperates with the United National. She is the Ambassador of Sustainable Education of FIT and a board member of the FIT Foundation. Valletta was also honored as the first Sustainable Contribution Editor for British Vogue.,1262656.html

Translator: Pham Kim Anh



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