Our Business

“NBC is committed to generating positive impact through a range of diverse fashion business strategies, establishing a reputation for excellence via an integrated and comprehensive production and supply chain.

At each step, we uphold a responsible approach to guarantee superior product quality, meticulously managing everything from raw material sourcing and innovative design to efficient production, stringent quality control, and the implementation of cutting-edge logistics and production techniques.”



Benefiting from several large-capacity factories, our operational system runs smoothly and consistently.

Our monthly production capacity reaches millions of fashion products, encompassing a diverse range of types, from straightforward knit products to intricately structured items such as tailored suits, outerwear, woven jackets, activewear, sportswear, sweaters, dress pants, women’s fashion styles, uniform and workwear…  View More



In the domain of apparel production, we adopt state-of-the-art digital pattern technology and 3D design to transform our design and manufacturing procedures. Leveraging sophisticated software and digital platforms, we achieve precision and efficiency in crafting intricate patterns, seamlessly fusing technology with the artistry of fashion. This progressive approach not only elevates our production capabilities ut also positions us at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that our customers receive the most current and stylish creations.


We collaborate with esteemed suppliers and manufacturers worldwide to ensure the procurement of high-quality, secure, and fashionable ingredients. Especially are some of Fabrics from Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Korea, China…

Apart from identifying and leveraging diverse sources of raw materials from top-tier suppliers globally, we also manage our own system for material production.


Recognizing the significance of freight forwarding, NBC has established a versatile transportation network to seamlessly operate across its supply chain, prioritizing timely deliveries. This capability serves as a distinctive competitive advantage for NBC in both the domestic and international fashion markets.