NhaBe Corporation – NBC, founded in 1973, has grown into a major producer of high-quality mens tailored suits and a diverse range of woven products, including soft tailored suiting and outerwear for both men and women. We’ve extended our focus to specialized product groups like outerwear, uniforms, active wear, and knitwear, sweaters, each with its own unique production lines, product development, design, and fabric sourcing.

After an illustrious journey spanning nearly five decades, NBC’s most significant achievement lies in its establishment of a distinguished reputation for international clients. This reputation is rooted in its robust production capacity, unwavering commitment to product excellence, and the cultivation of a resilient and united team working towards ambitious goals.

with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development, NBC is dedicated to expanding its business and production scale within the garment and fashion product supply sectors. Simultaneously, the company is actively exploring and investing in emerging fields to fortify its market presence, solidify its brand identity, and extend its influence globally.


NBC is driven by a steadfast commitment to sustainable development, aiming to expand within the garment and fashion product supply sectors. The company actively invests in emerging fields to solidify its market presence, brand identity, and global influence.


NBC, as a premier fashion innovator, is dedicated to consistently offering the latest fashion trends. The company empowers individuals through innovative fashion, delivering superior quality and trendsetting designs that transcend boundaries and inspire confidence worldwide.


NBC achieves its mission by delivering dependable fashion products with professional services, fostering trust and lasting relationships.


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