Elegant and Exquisite Fashion Brands


“Mattana is inspired from the European style, but is still very suitable for the Vietnamese style.”

Mattana brand is proud to bring youthful, healthy and elegant beauty for men.

Our mission: Building a high-end production and service supply chain, contributing to the life quality improvement. We have constantly attempted to live up to the leading brand in Vietnam in the garment field. We are always creative and strive to create high-quality products and services with competitive prices.



“Appear more than 10 years in the domestic office man wear market, Novelty – is a fashion brand for men of Nha Be Garment Corporation.”

Novelty products are manufactured on a modern technological line with attention to each details, durable, airy and environmentally-friendly materials such as Cotton, Bamboo, Tencel, Modal, etc. which are integrated with modern anti-wrinkle technology to ensure the thoroughness and quality in each product to make customers feel comfortable, flexible, and confident to show their styles.



“De Celso is a high-end fashion brand of Italy and is franchised from Hübscher AG Company.”

Under the management of Mr. Lucas, a well-known European design who has been constantly creative and achieved a lot of success in the fashion design field. He has designed for many senior leaders in Europe and created luxurious suits for FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Swiss Bank’s Chairman.